Oct 29, 2013

Slices of Life, Vol. 46

I was watching Dateline with Nathaniel and Nick one night, when Nathaniel issued a warning as it went to commercial:

Nathaniel: "Oh, we should fast-forward though this next part. Something about sexual abuse is coming up."

Nick: "What does 'sexual' mean?"

Nathaniel: "Uh, why don't YOU take this one, Mommy?"

Our kids have all given up their pacis between 18 months and 2 years old. Amelia has decided to blow right past the two-year mark. One day recently after her nap when I tried to get her to give it up, she insisted on keeping her paci.

I held my hand out and said, "Please give me your pass."

Instead, she reached out with an empty hand and "gave me Five."

Jake: "Mommy! I got chocolate milk on my head."

Me: [looking in his hair for milk]

Jake: "No, not up there, on my FORE one."


We haven't had a home phone in a long time; we just use our cell phones. But recently we reinstated a landline because it came as part of a new cable package. Nick was trying to call a friend on it for the first time:

Nick: "I can't make a call. This phone isn't working. It's broken. How do we fix it?"

Me: "Is it even plugged in? Pick it up and listen for dialtone."

Nick: "What's DIALTONE?"

Nathaniel has recently developed an interest in shows on Food Network, and he watched the most recent season of Food Network Star with me. During the first episode of the season, at first I couldn't tell if he was really into it or if he was just watching it to pass the time. But when it got down to the eliminations, he wrapped his arms around his knees and exclaimed, "THIS IS INTENSE."

While we were at the beach in July, Jake experienced the wonder of banana pudding for the first time:

Jake: "What is this?"

Me: "Banana pudding."

Jake: "It tastes like it has bananas in it."

Me: "I think it does. Do you want me to get the recipe from Aunt Patsy so I can make it?"

Jake: "Yeah. You should prolly start with bananas, because I'm pretty sure they're in there."

Me: "I bet you're right."

[Long pause for two more bites.]

Jake: "There have GOT to be bananas in here!"  [pause]  "
Hey! Maybe that's why they call it banana pudding!"

Nathaniel knocked on the powder room door:

Me: "Occupied."

Nathaniel: "Well, Nick's in the one upstairs."

Me: "if you can wait just a minute, I'll be out."

Nathaniel: "Imagine what it's gonna be like with four of us in one bathroom every morning."  [pause, then, horrified] "IMAGINE WHAT IT'S GONNA BE LIKE WHEN AMELIA STARTS DOING HER HAIR."

At the pool in August, Amelia begged to be in my arms, basically surveying the rest of the pool from that vantage point as if it were her kingdom.

Soon, the boys came over and tried to climb on me -- because what is a mom in a pool but a mountain to be climbed? But as each of them attempted to get close, Amelia swatted them away with one grand, sweeping arm motion, like Godzilla, the entire time yelling "MINE, MINE, MIIIIIIIIINE!"

Part of Nick's homework recently was working on tenses of verbs.

Nick: "I'm no good at these."

Me: "Sure you are. Let's do the first one together. 'Did you FIND your shoes?' Now you complete the next sentence. 'Yes, I ...' "

Nick: "Found my shoes."

Me: "Good. Okay. 'Did you GRIND the pepper?' Your turn. 'Yes, I ...' "

Nick: "Did."

The boys and I met Grayson and Amelia one evening for supper after having been gone all afternoon.

Me: "Did you have a good nap?"

Grayson: "Not really. I'd only been asleep for about 20 minutes when a loud boom woke me up. It shook the whole house. Crazy."

Nathaniel: "Earthquake?"

Nick: "Robber?"

Jake: "GIANT?"

Jake: "Before I turn six, I need to figure out where I want to have my birthday party."

Nick: "Before you turn SIX, you need to figure out how to take video with your iPod Touch without your finger being in the way."

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