Oct 31, 2013

Pumpkins at the dentist

If there's time after trick-or-treating, I hope to have a Halloween post for you tomorrow. But you might have to be patient.

It seemed really apropos, though, since yesterday marked exactly one year since Nathaniel got his braces, that I share with you the amazing jack-o-lanterns that are on display at his orthodontist's office. When we went in for his regular visit last week, the office was decorated for Halloween. I should mention that they decorate the office year-round for whatever holiday is closest ... and if there's no holiday in sight, well, they make something up. They're a cheerful, celebratory group.

So last week, each of the staff members had decorated a mini-pumpkin, numbered it, and the patients had to guess which pumpkin went with each person. Whichever patient correctly matches the most pumpkins with the most staff wins a prize!

I have to say, I was REALLY impressed with the quality of the work.

Look at the mummy!

According to one of the techs, they weren't allowed to look on Pinterest or anything for ideas.

But she was quick to tell us that ONE PERSON DID. Ahem. She indicated that it was the cheeseburger pumpkin.

Regardless of who might have "cheated" just a little bit, each one made us smile.

I love that our orthodontist's office is such a happy place ... Nathaniel never complains about going.

(By the way, if you're still carving pumpkins and you're tired of the mess, acrylic paints are the way to go. Trust me on this. It's not as messy and the pumpkins don't rot as quickly.)

I'm hoping it doesn't rain on us tonight ... we have four little ones who are REALLY looking forward to trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!

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