Oct 1, 2013

I went to see Plain Chicken, and there were a bazillion people there

Last Thursday night I went to see Stephanie (of Plain Chicken fame) at a special event at AllSouth Appliances in Homewood.

I wanted to be there to lend my support and be a friendly face in the crowd, but as it turned out, her fans are LEGION and are very well-behaved. I didn't even have to get out my bear spray.

Every time Steph pulled a new dish out of the oven, women jumped up to be first through the line to taste the goodies.

Steph's husband Tadd was dressed for his role as Sous Chef in a Plain Chicken apron.

I paced myself and didn't have anything to eat or drink except two of these DELECTABLE Rolo brownies and a bottle of water.

After the presentation was over, Jamie and I walked around the AllSouth showroom and basically opened the doors of every appliance on the floor. This gorgeous fridge costs a mere $15,000.

They have everything from really basic units to more sophisticated things such as fridges with cabinets on the outside:

We kept thinking that the interior would be larger than it was. It wasn't.

I mean, the fridge below looks like a monster, but that's it, above. Not very deep at all.

I wish I had double ovens. No room. But if I HAD room, I'd HAVE two ovens. No question.

They had some really neat specialty pieces, too.

Copper hood!

Steph wanted to get a group picture with her personal supporters who were there, so Jamie and I jumped in.

She did a great job, and she even brought copies of her cookbook to sign and sell! Here she is folding her hands in front of her like we're stalkers who don't know her at all and she's scared to touch us.

And here we are when she yelled, "LET'S DO CHARLIE'S ANGELS!" Why we immediately all popped into position, I don't know.

Conditioned response from role-playing as an 8-year-old? Quite possibly.

** All photos within this blog post that include me were taken by Tadd Smith, Sous Chef and Sous Photographer. **

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