Oct 8, 2013

Farmer Day

Last Friday was "Farmer Day" at our elementary school. It is at this time that I am forced to admit that apparently I am woefully underinformed about what constitutes "farm-wear."

Nathaniel told me, "Just get plaid shirts and jeans. Oh, and it's hat day, too. So get some kind of hat?"

I'm thinking I may have gone too far into Cowboy territory. But look. All three of them got to school on time, in some sort of different clothes than they usually wear, with hats on. I'm calling it a WIN.

At the last minute:

Nathaniel: "Oh, I forgot. I'm supposed to dress as a WEALTHY farmer."

Me: "How exactly does a Wealthy Farmer dress?"

Nathaniel: "I have no idea. Overalls?"

Me: "Why don't you just tuck your shirt in."

Jake ascribed to the philosophy that even farmers eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast. Who was I to argue? I don't even know what kind of hats they wear.

Nick decided his brand of farmer ate Pop-Tarts, too. And it was his birthday, so I was on board with that. He said, "Hey, Mommy, come over here to the low part of the wall so you can get a better picture of me."

Of all four kids, he's the only one who ASKS to have his picture taken. Strikes poses and just waits for me.

Three guesses how long those hats made it once they got to school.

Nathaniel left his in the van. Never even made it into school. Nick took his off before lunch. And Jake ... well, he couldn't remember. I bet it didn't make it through the Pledge of Allegiance.

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