Sep 25, 2013

Pinch-hitting: Uncomfortable truths by Gretchen Bush

I'm so proud to introduce today's guest-poster, one of the famous "Stalkers." Gretchen is one of the four loyal blog readers who invited me up to Nashville in June of last year to meet them, and she is a hoot-and-a-half. 

We share the same twisted sense of humor, and we can always count on each other to "get" even our most obscure tweets. She also COMPLETELY embraced the idea of sharing some of her own Uncomfortable Truths with you guys when I asked her about it; I think she came up with some real humdingers.

1. I'm a woman who is approaching 40 years old, which if you ask me means it's high time to not be dealing with acne. However, I do deal with it, and I take medicine for it, you know VANITY. But as much as I hate that I break out like a pubescent boy, there's a part of me that hates the idea of never having a zit to pop again. 

2. Anytime I see a sketchy man walking my way, I mentally plan out my escape from his evil plans, you know, because of Dateline

3. Adding to my irrational fears of evil men, anytime I get in my car I look in the backseat for masked evil men. And it's not just a glance, it's a full-on, scour the ends and outs of the backseat. I mean it could be possible it's a little evil man in my car. THANKS A LOT, DATELINE

4. I put ketchup on my cottage cheese. Very few people know this about me, because I'm scared of their reaction to it. 

5. There may have been a time or two in my life that instead of doing a load of laundry, I just turned my underwear inside out. 

6. Lastly, if you are ever having a bad day and thinking that nothing is going right for you, I want you to remember this: One time I wrecked BOTH of our vehicles ON THE SAME DAY.

Like her? (I knew you would.) You can find Gretchen on her blog and on Twitter

And as always, you can read more Uncomfortable Truths here.

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