Aug 30, 2013

#twittersupperclub again

Last Saturday night, we decided to host another group for Twitter Supper Club. This time I invited Stephanie and Tadd, Robin and Marty, and Rachel and Chris.

When Jake's teacher heard that Steph was coming over to supper, she asked, "Are you crazy? You're cooking for Plain Chicken? Why in the world would you DO that? Aren't you nervous?"


Rachel showed up bearing artisanal chocolate.

Steph brought homemade Amish Friendship Bread that was better than anything I've served anybody in 2013.

And Robin brought LEGO minifigs for the guys, beautiful flowers and a Butterfinger for me, and a reusable tote for each of us girls.

Since I'd been busy with the garage-door installers for 10 hours that day -- and was literally still out in the driveway with them when Robin and Marty pulled up -- I was running a little behind on supper preparation. Steph jumped right in to help with the pasta.

I would love for The Whole Internet to enjoy the fact that I had no makeup on, my hair was in a scrunchie on top of my head, and I was wearing my actual exercise clothes -- including sports bra -- while cooking. DYING to have my picture taken, I was.

While I worked on the main dish (which had to be put together just prior to serving), the guys unwrapped their minifigs and put them together. Some of them took longer to put theirs together than others, but I'm not naming names. Even though minifigs only have like four pieces.

Amelia surprised me by cozying up to both Marty AND Rachel ... she hung out with us in the kitchen for a long time before she went to bed, and they MAY have bribed her with snacks. Possibly. It's likely.

Our group picture really makes me wish I'd made time to change my clothes. And also to smooth the lump out of my hair when I took the scrunchie out of it why didn't anyone tell me that was there OMG I can't count on #twittersupperclub AT ALL.

I'm including this group shot for Tadd, because he was worried that I didn't get one of him making a funny face. As it happens, I did.

We had Mandarin Chicken Pasta, Caesar salad and cheesy bread -- the chicken pasta dish was Grayson's request, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

photo by Steph

It's a pretty specific type of dish, but you can serve it hot or cold, and I do like that versatility.

During the meal, we laughed and laughed, and I really enjoyed the conversation. There's a lot to be said for making new friends at 40 ... Who knew that the Internet would bring all of us together? I LOVE THE INTERNET.

I made two desserts ... the first was Mocha Brownies. These are to die for, but they're rich. And by "rich," I mean for regular people. Not for me. I can eat a whole pan of them with no problem. But it's a Pioneer Woman recipe, and she says to cut tiny pieces. Heh heh. NOT ON MY WATCH, P-DUB.

photo by Robin

The other dessert was Lemonade Pie, which is really tart but yummy. I'll post this four-ingredient recipe soon on my Recipes page.

One last thing I wanted to say about Twitter Supper Club ... I wish I could invite 500 people and we could all hang out. I don't want anyone to feel left out just because they haven't been included. I mean, I kind of made the name up as a joke when some of us got together that first time, and it stuck -- but I don't own the concept or anything.

Feel free to host your own and use the hashtag and post pictures on your blog ... or better yet, INVITE ME.

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