Aug 15, 2013

Thank you

I'm overwhelmed by the kindness you showed me in the Comments on my post day before yesterday.

I'm going to take today to finish responding to your comments, which were intensely personal and meant so much to me.

It's not often -- once a year or less? -- that I take a break from my usual lighter fare to address something serious, so I wasn't sure how well it would be received. I shouldn't have worried ... the Internet that I have come to know and love has proven that it's totally amazing.

You guys are the bestest.


Becky said...

Hang in there, Katherine. I've loved your blog when you were funny (How Not to Use Instagram) and sarcastic and I love it even more now when you bare your insecurities and challenges. We all have them and your open and honest blogs reminds us that we are connected and not alone! Thinking of you!

Margaret said...

all I got was the title.

Flaxenqueen said...

I only got the title too. What am I doing wrong?

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