Jun 19, 2013

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 50

1. I wonder if we are slowly killing ourselves by continuing to use the perfectly functioning microwave we bought when we got married. Eighteen years ago.

2. I think I'm going to invest in a rake -- the kind you use for your yard -- to clean my den every night. That's right, MY DEN. Seems infinitely more efficient to me than continuing to use my hands to pick up all the junk these rascals strew everywhere in a single day.

3. Every time I fly, I practice the flight number over and over in my head until I get comfortable with the thought that it just doesn't have the ring of a plane crash to it. ("Seventy-two-ninety-three," good. "Twenty-two-eleven," baaaad.)

4. This maternity T-shirt I've been wearing as a PJ shirt since I was pregnant with Nathaniel 11 years ago might be on its last leg.

5. Would I pour orange juice over my Chick-fil-A Minis and then eat them? No. But I drink a swig of orange juice with every bite. I can't even explain myself.

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