Jun 3, 2013

Grayson answers

I am completely out of things to tell you here. I know; you were afraid it would never happen. But it has.

So I decided that Grayson needed to step up and answer a few questions to fill the void. The views and opinions expressed by Grayson are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the regular author of Grass Stains. Here we go. 

How long have we been married?
It's 2013, so 18 years this year. 

{Our anniversary will be Oct. 7.}

Where was our first date?
There were a bunch of unofficial dates, some ballparks and stuff, I'm trying to remember. There's a lot of stuff I remember that I can't put in a blog post  ... um, do YOU remember what our first official date was?

{Yeah, I thought I could leave this to him, but clearly I'm gonna have a parenthetical for every answer. I THINK our first date was to see the movie Indecent Proposal, but neither of us is sure. Also, I was not a slut. His answer makes it sound like I was a slutty slut.}

Where was our first kiss?
In the parking lot at Beeson Woods after we saw [the campus stage production of] Kiss Me Kate. That MIGHT be the closest thing to a first date I can remember.

Who first said "I Love You"?
You did. 

{This is true. I was 19, he was 22, and he didn't tell me he loved me until I turned 20. Some crap about feeling like he was robbing the cradle or something.}

When did you know you wanted to marry me?
I don't know. I haven't gotten to that point yet.

{Back off, ladies. He's mine, all mine.}

What was your favorite thing about our wedding?
Dancing at the reception. Of course, you weren't really involved in that.

{Grayson loves to dance. He has no rhythm or skill, but that man LOVES to dance. I don't like to be the center of attention for any reason, ever, and a bride on a dancefloor is the very definition of Center of Attention. So I stayed on the sidelines and visited with guests instead, except for two or three key dances. I still don't regret it.}

What will I say is my least favorite thing about our wedding?  
That the pictures from the professional photographer were terrible.
{If I could change one thing, it would have been the photographer. The pictures almost make me cry, and not in a good way.}

What is the best meal I have ever cooked you?
The mandarin peanut pasta.
{My friend Mandy introduced us to this delicious dish about 12 years ago, and it remains a favorite. One day I'll have to post the recipe for you guys.}

What is the worst meal I have ever cooked you?
When we were dating you made me pasta salad with Italian salad dressing, but there wasn't any chicken in it. No protein. Just pasta and dressing.

{Grayson loves protein. He's a carnivore. I'm a carbivore. Two different worlds. In my defense, I think there were also tomatoes and cucumbers in it. No matter, because THERE WAS NO CHICKEN.}

What would I say is your most annoying habit?
You don't like the way I breathe or chew. As in, "Will you please stop breathing?" Or, "Please go eat those in the other room." It's hard to commit to marrying a woman who doesn't want you to breathe.

{Okay yes, sue me. I've actually said those two things to him, the eating one probably more than twice. Actually, the eating one last week, if I remember correctly. But GAWD, if you could hear him EAT. No jury would convict me.}

What is your favorite thing about me?
I liked your attention to detail, but that's kind of worn off as you've become a mother. I used to like your blunt-like-a-brick-wall mentality, but you've softened up there, too. There're some other things I like, too, but you can't print them. You are a pretty good child-rearing partner, I have to admit that.

{Sooooo, two things he USED to like, a couple of unmentionables, and I also get credit for being a good partner at something. Outstanding.}

What's my favorite food?  
Wow. I'm really not sure if it's bread or pasta. If I have to be really specific, it's the bread pudding at Palace Cafe in New Orleans.
{Again, carbivore. Unapologetic.}

What is my favorite thing to do?
Watch TV, social media, and sleep. In the past it would've been easier to say watch TV, but you've really branched out. 

{The only thing I can say in my defense is that those are my favorite things to do in my FREE TIME, besides read and scrapbook. Obviously I actually DO a lot more than those things.}

What makes me happiest?
Having TiVo service restored. I've never seen you so happy. 

{In the past three months? Yes. That sent more endorphins through my body than anything else.}

How many kids did I want?
Originally it was less than four. I don't know if it was two or three. But once you started having them, it was just so easy ... 

{I don't remember wanting fewer than four, but I sure remember not wanting to go through four pregnancies. That started when I was expecting Nathaniel.}

What's the funniest thing about me?
The way you snort when you laugh. 

{Grayson and I do not share a sense of humor. You guys find me a lot funnier than he does. HE DOESN'T EVEN LAUGH WHEN PEOPLE FALL DOWN.}

What do I consider a good date?
A movie with dinner at a place you like and the babysitter having bathed the kids and washed the clothes before we get home. And no sex afterwards. A platonic date. 

{That isn't a good date. That is A GREAT DATE.}

What would the perfect day look like for me?
Sleep in until noon, do something with the kids and the kids don't argue with us, you don't have to do any dishes or cooking, you could get in at least four hours of TV, and you got to read all of your blogs and post to your own blog. 

{Well, what do you know? He knows me.}

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