May 24, 2013

The Princess and her iPod

I have an alarm set to go off on each of the boys' iPods at 8:00 every night so that if we can't lay our hands on them, we can follow the sound and hopefully find them. (Everyone's alarm is different.) This came in VERY handy one night when Nick's alarm went off and we traced it to the recycling bin, where Amelia had thrown it. Twenty-four hours later with no alarm, that thing would have been curbside.

In addition to absconding with every family member's iPod or phone at some point, Amelia also successfully reset my password-protected work iPhone to its factory settings, erasing all of my emails and contacts. Twice.

So after months of this, Grayson and I finally decided to buy a used iPod for her. And while the boys typically whine, moan and groan about any one of them getting something at an earlier age than any other of them did, THIS reveal was met with cheers.

And she hasn't looked back since. (And yep, the very first thing I did with hers was set an alarm.)

Here's what it's like on a daily basis now:

"Oh, this Doc McStuffins episode is so funny. She does the cutest things!"

"I mean, Mommy, she's just darling."

" ... "

"Hee hee hee hee hee! Just cracks me up every time!"

"Oh no. Lambie's stuffing is coming out. I hope Doc can fix her up ..."

"Oh yeah, Mommy! Doc sewed her up and everything's good. No worries!"

"You should've seen how they resolved that scene. HILARIOUS."

"What? What do you mean, 'We need to go?' "

"Oh, good one, Mommy! Yeah, I want to finish this episode first."

"You're so funny. Good one, Mommy."

[mutters] "I mean, not so funny that you should try that again, but ..."

"Okay, yes, I'll fast-forward through this part so I can get closer to the end. PUSHY."

"Got my purse!"

"You ready? I thought you said you were ready."

"I mean, if you're not ready to walk out the door, don't tell me it's time to go. Shoot. I can't keep this bag on my shoulder."

"Alright, while you grab your stuff, I'll just throw my iPod in my purse."

"Oh wait. Just remembered something I need to get while we're out."

"I'm just gonna add a Note to my list here."

"How do you spell 'diamonds'?"

OH YOU KNOW I KID. I can't imagine any daughter of mine being into diamonds. But I suppose you never know. Also, she doesn't say more than eight intelligible words, if you were wondering.

And since this post doesn't have enough pictures of her, here are a few more for good measure. You're welcome, family.

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