May 15, 2013

Jake's 5th birthday party

Nothing shows a child how much you love him like posting pictures of his birthday party 33 days after it happened.

Luckily Jake's pretty laid back. And also doesn't read my blog yet.

Our cake lady Vickie -- who makes the AMAZING cakes -- wasn't able to make Jake's for the second year in a row. Poor Jake ... he got stuck with another Publix cake.

And not only that, but one of the guests got too excited and stuck his fingers in it before the party really got started, so it never even looked out-of-the-box new.


What mattered most was that Jake's favorite people were there. Miss Anna came, of course ... I don't think Anna has missed a birthday party in the eight years she's been babysitting for us.

Baby sister was there, with one of her hair bows. It stayed in for about two minutes. I haven't seen it since.

And Jake's friends from daycare, Olivia and Alex came, too. I was worried that Alex wouldn't come, because earlier in the week, Jake had smacked him with a drumstick on the cheek, and it almost required stitches.


But Alex's parents told him there would be cake, so he sucked it up and came on to the party. I'm glad he did, although the sight of that bandaged cheek made me wince.

The kids had a blast on the trampoline with the huge balloons I'd picked up at Walgreen's. (I had to blow them up myself, but it was totally worth it.)

After they wore themselves out, we went inside for cake. In this picture you can see Ms. Carolyn (Olivia's mom and one of Amelia's teachers) -- she's one of our favorites, too!

Jake's gotten really good at blowing his candles out over the past couple of years ... he doesn't need help anymore!

Afterward, most of our guests headed home, but we invited Carolyn and Olivia to stay a little longer ... and I broke out the water balloons!

They played on the deck and in the yard with the water balloons for at least an hour, mostly "hot potato," because the balloons last a lot longer that way than if you just pelt each other with them.

Carolyn was a total sport about it and got absolutely DRENCHED.

In the end, I think they all got so wet that they ended up changing clothes, but they had a great time!

Jake had a fantastic day, capped off by a hug from my mom, who also came over for the party.

When Amelia turns 2 in September, I'll try to get her birthday party pictures up before Halloween. Operative word being "try."

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