Apr 18, 2013

This strange, strange week

I'm sure many of you feel like I do about this week ... it's been a week full of emotion, largely in reaction to tragedy around the nation.

For me, it's also a week of anticipation, because in two days I leave for my 40th-birthday trip to Hawaii with my sister and our friends Melanie and Caroline. I'm overwhelmed by the list of things to do before I depart, the work that must be done, the fact that Amelia is still fairly sick, and the lingering symptoms I have from my illness last week.

And as excited as I am about my trip, my excitement is tempered by the thought that this is the anniversary of  Kyser's deathUnbelievably, he's been gone for three years now. When I heard about the bombings in Boston this week, my first thought was, "Oh Lord, please let Harry be okay. Please don't let Harry be anywhere near there." Harry is Ky's brother, and he lives and goes to school in Boston now. Thankfully, he is fine.

I know this post is all over the place, and that's totally indicative of where my brain is right now. I can't center my thoughts. Maybe once I get to Hawaii, I'll be able to decompress and write some things that make sense.

There's also the chance that I'll get there and decide not to blog until I get home. Wouldn't that be nice of me?! "I went to Hawaii and all I got my blog readers was this blank screen."

But let me tell you what will make coming here today worth your time: It's this link. The link to the Boston fans singing the national anthem IN BOSTON last night at the Bruins game. Talk about chillbumps. Holy moly. If you haven't seen this yet, you absolutely must.

And if you HAVE seen it, you need to watch it again. Two more times.

Yes, I just linked to the same video five times. God bless America.

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