Apr 29, 2013

This is STILL not a post about Hawaii

Well, you see.

First we were there and didn't have wifi. And then I got home and realized that it's going to take me more than one day to sort out all these Hawaii pictures and figure out which ones to post.

So instead of rushing it, I'm first going to share something with you that my lovely Twitter followers experienced with me before I went on my trip, but since that's only about 600 of you, I figure there are enough others of you that DIDN'T get to enjoy it with us that I can share it with you today.

And "it," Internet, is a birthday party for a 10-year-old friend of Nathaniel's that neither he nor I realized was a Dance Party.

Which -- if you know me AT ALL -- you realize I was lit-trally forced to Tweet once I found myself ringside for the duration.

Honestly, it was probably the most fun I've ever seen 10-year-olds have at a birthday party. The girls probably more than the boys, because they're just at that age where things start to get a bit awkward between the genders.

When we got home and Grayson asked Nathaniel how it went, Nathaniel said, "Basically it was pretty good until the DJ said he was gonna play One Direction. Then it got crazy. The girls started screaming, the music got louder, the girls started dancing and all the boys ran into the bathroom."

So there you have it, in a nutshell.

Hawaii soon, pinky-swear.

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