Apr 5, 2013

Easter Sunday

Hopefully by now you've forgotten all the other thousands of Easter pictures you saw at the beginning of the week. So starting over fresh with me should be like a veritable GIFT today.


We started our morning with the filling and opening of Easter baskets. Or gaudy plastic buckets. Whatevs.

I kept their baskets around $8 to $10 each ... they each got a rubber ball (Spider-Man for the big boys, Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Jake, and Disney princess for Amelia), and the boys each got Jelly Belly bubbles, some nasty kind of modeling goop, M&Ms, Starburst jellybeans and two Butterfinger eggs.

Amelia just got the ball, M&Ms and a new sippy cup. I reasoned that she's still too young enough to realize that her brothers got more stuff.

The expression on her face told me that I might have been mistaken.

Nathaniel tried to show her what a Great! Ball! she got.

And she was sort of like, "Uh, PRINCESSES? Gimme Jake's Jake and the Neverland Pirates ball. I like that one better."

After they opened their baskets, we headed over to my Uncle Dick's house for lunch and our second Egg Hunt of the weekend. My cousin Allison's kids, Chris and Anna, joined our kids at the Kids' Table for lunch.

Did you sit at the Kids' Table when you were little? I did. It was The Place To Be. This year poor Anna was yet again far outnumbered ... I'm sure conversation was dominated by references to bodily functions.

This year Amelia sat at the Adults' Table ... but next year, I bet she'll join Anna at the Kids' Table.

But it was after lunch that the REAL fun began, at least for the kids.

[Please enjoy how even though Uncle Dick and Grayson are standing approximately two inches behind the kids in these pictures, they seem unaware that they are actually IN the pictures.]

They were ready to go, including Amelia, who knew EXACTLY what to do, given her experience from the day before.

This time, she didn't have a pizza crust that she needed to hold onto while she hunted.

That meant that she was able to hold her own basket! Girlfriend was already a pro.


For someone who wasn't walking a month ago, she sure got the hang of walking-while-carrying-a-basket-and-bending-over-picking-things-up-and-putting-them-in-said-basket pretty quickly, didn't she?

"It ain't no big thang, Mommy."


I kid you not ...

MY balance isn't even this good NOW.

She was all over the place. Picked eggs up left and right.

She even got really adventurous and dug in the ivy for them.

Next year she'll probably be climbing trees.

Jake was all in the shrubbery, which everyone knows is where the best eggs are hidden.

He even got my dad involved. "POP! COME IN THE BUSHES!"

According to Jake, it was worth every scratch.


Chris and Anna's dog Katie is so cute, I had to include a picture of her. Too much!

We had some VERY happy campers on our hands.

Some were happy because they got to break into their chocolate eggs immediately.

Others were happy because they found breakable eggs that contained confetti!

And confetti is MORE fun if you share it, right?

Both granddads got a healthy helping ... and were great sports about it.

Already looking forward to next year!

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