Feb 13, 2013

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 43

1. I used to put my Cutco knives blade-down in the silverware basket with my spatulas. Not anymore.

2. If I were wealthy, I'd want a person whose sole job was to wipe my iPhone screen after every use. I wear myself plum OUT trying to keep that thing in pristine condition. 

3. I've been driving my minivan for five years, and the road noise is so much louder than it was in my Explorer that I STILL check to make sure the windows are rolled up all the way at least twice a week. I could just SWEAR a window is cracked most of the time ... but it never is.

4. When I use my Tervis cup, the seam has to face me so it's not visible to others. #OCDstreak

 5. I Tweeted this recently:

Maybe one day I'll tell you how the chocolate got there.


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