Feb 27, 2013

Amelia's first haircut

** All salon pictures by Nathaniel **

Last weekend I took all the kids to get haircuts. It was Amelia's first, and I wasn't looking forward to it. Nathaniel set her up with a sucker, and I loaded her up into my lap. But as soon as the stylist snapped the drape around her neck, TEARS.

There were lots of "Oh, poor baby" and "Aww. She's just pitiful" comments in the peanut gallery ... meaning, the plastic chairs in the "lobby" at Great Clips.

Even with a sucker, her disgust couldn't be quelled.

Sometimes she'd cry so hard that the sucker would fall out onto the drape, where one of her brothers would helpfully pick it up, blow it off and give it back to her. The crying would stop for about 10 seconds while she got a few good sucks in ...

... but then as soon as the scissors moved back into the picture, she was gone again. HAVE. YOU. EVER.

Not to worry, though. As soon as she was lifted out of the chair, all was right with the world once more. And the next night, while I was entertaining my friends during the home improvement shower, Amelia was upstairs with her brothers, tapping away as though nothing had ever been amiss.

She was even feeling social enough to come down and show all the party guests her new, precious Non-Mullet Cut!

See? No more mullet!

Of course, we lost the wispy little curls that gave her some length in the back, but that doesn't bother me. Having a daughter with a femullet bothered me WAY more.

Hair grows back. A girl whose mom lets her keep a mullet -- well, her reputation can be tarnished forever.

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