Dec 14, 2012

Christmas cards and the like

How many Christmas cards do you send out? Or holiday cards or whatever?

I mentioned to you the other day that my cards arrived, but now I have to stamp, return address and address them all, which usually takes me over a week. A week of Prime Blogging Time, I might add, because that all has to happen after the kids go to bed.

No biggie if I only needed to do 75, but I send a few more than that.

(That is my way of telling you that you're going to be seeing less of me for the next week.)

So. How many do you send? I'm sure most people would consider the number I send excessive. But I've tried to pare the list down over the years, and I've been unsuccessful for a few reasons. I'm up to about 350 now.

I know. Make fun all you want. I send a letter with it, too. It's sort of like a condensed version of the blog, basically the blog boiled down to two pages.

Now you're like, "THOSE lucky people get two pages once a YEAR, but WE have to suffer through this stuff DAILY?" Yeah, not fair. They have it easy.

Come clean in the Comments. Number of cards. Go.


Emily said...

We only do 75. It makes it do able for me during this hectic time since we also have six birthdays in December as well! 350 just tells me you are surrounded by love! Good luck!

Bren said...

I order 175 every single year and then inevitably end up ordering another 25. EVERY year. Each year I apparently think the list has gone down when it has not. I then just remind myself I'm blessed to have so many people to share my Christmas greetings with.

Maybe send me a little note next November that says "JUST ORDER 200 already!" ;)

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