Dec 27, 2012

An innocent mistake

My friend Melanie, who some of you know, told me the most hilarious story today, and I had to ask her permission to share it on the blog. Quite frankly, it's too good not to share with the world. Or at least, my little slice of the world.

In Melanie's words (and in her words, she's the "sweet and kind girl"):

A Christmas memory

Once upon a time, a sweet and kind girl decided to buy a present for her ex-boyfriend's new significant other. They were all "friends," so no bad feelings -- just an innocent gift exchange.

The girl found some lovely bath salts and wrapped them in a fun package -- such a nice gesture. A few days later, she got a call that there was a problem with said bath salts. They didn't really dissolve in the bath!

As it turned out, the bath display was very close to the home decor area -- so the girl had accidentally given her a box of colorful rocks. Nothing says Christmas like your ex's new flame sitting in a tub of rocks like a goldfish in an aquarium. 

Internet. I cannot stop thinking about a girl sitting in a warm tub of pastel rocks, poking and scraping them, maybe picking them up and sniffing them, wondering why they won't dissolve.

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