Nov 30, 2012

Out of the mouths of friends

I mentioned yesterday that Nick and his 8-year-old friend Drake often play Minecraft while on speakerphone. On MY iPhone speakerphone.

It happens several nights a week after homework is complete, supper is over and the kitchen is clean, and Nick has some time before bed for an activity of his choosing. At this juncture, Minecraft-over-speakerphone is his choosing.

So what I've found over the last several weeks is that it's easy to forget that a kid is lingering there on speakerphone in your den if they're not constantly talking. And sometimes there are some lengthy silences while the boys are playing. Now, I may be jinxing myself, but I haven't done anything embarrassing YET while they have been on the phone.

But last night, Grayson and Nathaniel were at Cub Scouts, so it was just Nick, Jake, Amelia and me at home, and Amelia and I were playing on the couch and the floor while Jake was watching TV and Nick was playing Minecraft with Drake. (Got all that?)

And in a relatively short period of time (maybe four or five minutes), several things happened while there was a lull in their conversation, resulting in me forgetting that they were on the phone together:

  • Amelia had a really stinky diaper that I changed on the floor in the den, and I MIGHT have been rather dramatic about how bad it smelled.
  • Jake got really upset because when he asked me to add Pokemon to the list of shows we record, and I agreed but then changed the settings on the other kids' shows we record to only keep two episodes of each one, A TRAGEDY ON PAR WITH THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC.
  • Amelia had a total meltdown because her chubby thighs got caught between the cushions of the couch and she needed my help to get free (I was sitting right beside her).
  • Jake couldn't find the TiVo remote, and we looked all OVER the room for it, including under all the furniture, only to go back and look where he'd been sitting on the couch and find it right there; and
  • Scout diarrhea-pooped slightly east of the Christmas tree on the carpet.

When there was suddenly a quiet moment again:

Nick: "Drake. Are you still there?"

Drake: "Yeah, I'm here."  [pause]  "You guys need a reality show."

1 comment:

Annamaria162 said...

I'd watch it. But then again, I would have to babysit in a wig and sunglasses. I don't think Amelia would like that. She was quite standoffish on 'hat day' until I took my hat off.

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