Oct 30, 2012

My little thief

Night before last, we went to California Pizza Kitchen for supper. The boys split a large cheese pizza, Amelia got mac and cheese, and Grayson and I each got pizzas. (And that ends possibly the most mundane intro to a blog post ever. Apologies.)

While I was in the middle of eating my spinach-and-artichoke pizza, Amelia reached over and swiped a piece off of my plate!

I don't mean she, like, timidly reached over, glanced up at me to see if I'd mind, and gently took it. I mean GIRLFRIEND SNATCHED IT IN A HOT SECOND.

And then stuck it straight in her mouth.

This is my child whose food I still cut up into tiny little pieces. My child who has never had either spinach or artichoke, as far as I know. (Well, maybe spinach, at school, but I doubt artichoke.)

Didn't matter. She went at that pizza like a woman on a mission. Ripped it apart with those six teeth she rocks.

She kept looking around at the diners near us, I think to see if they were watching her mastery in all its glory. I have to admit, it was impressive.

Hard to get mad at somebody for stealing your pizza when she looks like that.

1 comment:

Annamaria162 said...

No spinach at school,either. I have also still been cutting the cheese pizza we do serve into small pieces. I think she's trying, in her adorable way, to say she's ready to expand her palate.

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