Oct 24, 2012

Internet roundup

I needed a laugh today, and I thought maybe you could use one, too.

All images courtesy of Fail Blog:

Next time we go to Disney World, I'm having a shirt like Rita's made for myself, and one like her husband's made for everyone else.

This is how I feel about Algebra. And I always will.

I have a friend who is so deathly afraid of snakes that she would start hyperventilating if she even flipped past an image of one in a magazine or on TV. This book might actually kill her.

You know how twice a day, every day, for months and months now, I've been cleaning Scout's poop piles up off of our carpet? Well. I found out that it could, indeed, BE WORSE.

There are still a few rudimentary things I feel like I need an "Intro to" class in. So I'm not passing judgment here.

Looks like someone forgot to get Mom to sign his homework. Good thing he forged her signature.

And I'm sorry. But there is no way on God's green Earth that you could be mad at this horse. Look at that FACE.

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