Oct 12, 2012

Earthborn Pottery: my finished products

You probably remember that near the end of August, I joined fellow local bloggers at Earthborn Pottery for an evening.

Well, last week I met Rachel for lunch, and she brought my finished pieces to me!

Now, nobody's going to mistake them for professional pottery, but I'm pretty pleased!

So the REALLY horrible one is the one I shaped by hand. I know. It looks a lot like the one I did at camp about 30 years ago.

The glaze actually makes it look MUCH more promising than it did when I left it at the studio.

It's such a beautiful glaze ... multi-dimensional. It just screams "Fall!" to me. Love it.

When I look at it from the side, my little bowl kind of reminds me of an apple with the top cut off. I haven't decided what I'm going to use it for yet, but I'm kind of fond of it.

My other piece, the one I threw on the potting wheel, came out surprisingly well!

I love the green glaze Tena chose for it, especially because the winner of the plate giveaway chose the green plate ... so I lost my green piece! (Hi, Laks!)

This bowl really makes me smile, though. The green is shot through with caramel brown, and it's going to look FAB in my kitchen.

Again, if you're local and looking for a really fun Girls' Night Out event, this would be a great one!

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