Sep 7, 2012

We have an Earthborn plate winner!

To make it fair, I didn't count my own comments when I added them up to input them into the Random Integer Generator. I thought it would be less confusing if I just counted yours.

So there were 23 of your comments on that post, and Random pulled the following number out of its hat:

And LAKS PRAVIN is the winner of one of the beautiful Earthborn Studio plates!

"Laks Pravin." Probably from Alabama. Sounds like an Alabamian name.

So Laks, email me your address and whether you want the blue or the green plate, and I'll ship it to you next week. Congratulations!

1 comment:

Made By Laks said...

Yayyy...i Not from alabama.. im fm NJ..sending u email..thx

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