Sep 17, 2012

Seven days

Monday: I packed up my cubicle.

Tuesday: I transitioned all my projects to co-workers and said my sad goodbyes.

Wednesday: I moved to a different building (same company) and started a new job. Within two hours, Nathaniel's school nurse called to tell me he had contracted lice from a classmate. Grayson picked him up and came home to bomb our house and all of our belongings.

Thursday: I adjusted more fully to my new job while scratching my scalp until it almost bled.

Friday: The itching expanded to every single solitary part of my body. It worsened on my scalp. This was all due to the power of suggestion, not actual lice. But that made it no less traumatic.

Saturday: We awoke at school-day time so we could get to the lake bright and early. I accidentally left my camera at home. Just as well, since it's harder to take pictures when you're busy scratching all your body parts.*

Sunday: We went downtown to Trucks at the Tracks at Railroad Park. It's a good thing I had my scratching to distract me from the EPIC WHINING that ensued all day long as well as the fact that I'd forgotten my camera AGAIN. And then I took all four kids to Toys 'R' Us to get more Beyblades.

And these things, Internet, are the reason that there is no more of a blog post than this today. Apologies.

* I feel it's important to note that I still have not seen Nathaniel scratch his head one time. NOT ONE TIME.

1 comment:

Tracey said...

I have been scratching my head since your tweetast week about lice. :/

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