Sep 28, 2012

Internet-to-IRL conversion

When my sister came to town earlier this year, I was finally able to introduce her to Melanie and Shelly, with whom I've been friends for over eight years.

It was HUGE for me when they finally met! So much fun to see people who only knew each other through Twitter and my stories to get to converse and laugh in person.

So THIS trip, I wanted to introduce Sarah Ellen to another friend, Jamie. The extra-fun part of this is that Melanie has only been around Jamie a couple of times, and Shelly had never met her. But of course they got along famously!

We met for supper after work on Monday night in downtown Birmingham (Five, for you locals). We shared a delicious meal, but it was the fellowship that really put the evening over the top.

 Melanie, Sarah Ellen, Shelly

I've been fighting an eye infection for a couple of weeks, so I was wearing my glasses. They drive me bonkers, but not as bonkers as wiping away tears twice a minute, 18 hours a day.

After my sister took that picture, I asked, "Did the flash glare off of my glasses?" To which she answered, "No," and it didn't. The question I SHOULD have asked, but didn't, was, "Did the flash make it look like I have Transitions Lenses?" Because I don't. And yet, smoky.

Despite my obsession over my Not-Transitions-Lenses, I managed to enjoy myself immensely. Our waiter, Daryl, was kind enough to take a group picture for us, which was completely dominated by some strange waitress WE DON'T KNOW, who decided to Broadway it in the background.

In closing, I love the Internet. Love. It.

Follow us on Twitter: Melanie, Shelly, Jamie, me (my sister's account is private, which is a crying shame)

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