Aug 1, 2012

Someone ELSE'S Uncomfortable Truths

The other day on my favorite morning radio show (Ace & TJ), they read a list of things that sounded astonishingly similar to one of my Uncomfortable Truths posts. While all of them don't apply to me, a number of them do. I'm going to list them, and then at the bottom I'll tell you which ones could've been included on one of my own posts.

Some of you have been reading so long, I'll bet you can guess even before I tell you.

Seven Weird Things We All Do But Never Talk About
  1. You keep singing along to a song after you leave the room. Then when you come back, you see if you're still in sync with it.
  2. When you're writing the word "Wednesday," you sound it out in your head as "Wed-Nes-Day." And you probably do the same thing with the word "beautiful." You sound it out as B-E-A-U-tiful. 
  3. You write the wrong date on a check so you look more responsible. Like when you're supposed to mail a check by the first of the month, but you don't get around to sending it until the third.
  4. You're cooking something like macaroni & cheese, and you throw away the package too soon. So you have to dig it out of the trash to look at the directions again.
  5. Your cell phone is covered in smudges, so you wipe the screen with your thumb until all the smudge marks are going in the same direction. 
  6. You make a mistake while you're entering your password on a website. But instead of using the backspace key, you delete the whole thing and start over. 
  7. You hate the sound of your microwave beeping, so you always stop it when there's one second left. 

The ones that apply to me, in some form or fashion: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7. Which ones apply to you?

1 comment:

Tracey said...

I am #'s 3 through 7. Ha! On #7, I even make a game out of it and try to run pee and get back before 20 seconds is up! Sick, I know...

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