Aug 21, 2012

First day of school

[Pictures included from Meet the Teacher, as well as from the first day of school yesterday] 

Nathaniel's teacher gave him a bag full of items during our Meet the Teacher session, and with it she provided a letter that explained the contents of the bag:

In your bag, you will find ... A cotton ball to remind you that our room is a place of comfort and "warm fuzzies."

A chocolate kiss to lift your spirits when you are down.

A sticker to remind you we work together and stick together.

A penny to remind you we each have value and bring something to the group.

A star to remind you to shine wherever you are.

A tissue to encourage you to dry another's tears.

A toothpick to remind you to "pick out" the good in each person and every situation.

A bandage to encourage you to heal hurt feelings within others and ourselves.

A gold thread to say that the ties of friendship are our most precious resource.

An eraser to remind you we all make mistakes and together we can fix it.

A Lifesaver to let you know that you may come to me any time you need to talk, and I will listen.

I am so excited about our year together!

Isn't that the sweetest thing? I love it. I feel so blessed that we were assigned two teachers who have such big hearts, and I hope we will have a terrific year.

It wasn't nearly as hard to get the boys up yesterday morning as I'd feared it would be.

Granted, I'm pretty sure they skipped hairbrushing ...

And I KNOW that when I asked them to pick out their First Day of School outfits and I said, "Choose something handsome!" -- that these two outfits are NOT what I had in mind ...

But since we got out the door by 7:10 a.m. and I didn't have to raise my voice a single time, I'm gonna take that Win and run for the hills.

The boys didn't express much skepticism about the coming day ...

They didn't seem to be nervous as we loaded up in the van and drove the two miles to school.

Please enjoy the picture I got as they jumped out of the van in the carpool line, as I turned around to say goodbye and got NADA in return.

Not a word. Just two little dust clouds where the two boys had been only seconds before. So this -- THIS, INTERNET -- is the Grand Finale Picture of the big boys' first day of 2nd and 4th grades.

I'll be accepting blue ribbons in the Comments.


Tracey said...

Their teachers are adorable {curses on them}! Love the Alabama shirt:)

Jami said...

Anytime you can make it out of the house without raising your voice is a win in my books too. Hopefully they will always love school.

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