Jun 15, 2012

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 30

1. I move the app buttons around on my phone all the time. As I add new ones, I shift them around so that my text, Tweetbot, Instagram and Words with Friends are all together at the bottom of the screen. But I didn't even REALIZE you can reorganize the icons on the main screen, the one with your camera, calendar, weather, settings and all that stuff. I'd never move those around. I'd never presume that I could organize them any better than The Great Minds at Apple. (I suppose my brainwashing is complete.) The funny thing is, I was looking at Nathaniel's iPod Touch last night and saw that he has rearranged HIS. His weather and text icons are down there with his mail and Safari icons. GROUNDBREAKING.

2. My sister called me and launched into a conversation like this: "Oh, I just read this story that made me so mad, and I could totally see how you'd just want to kill someone for this. Brandy Glanville went to a soccer game last weekend and when she got there ..." And what you have to realize about this is that I didn't have to ask who Brandy Glanville is. And she didn't have to tell me.

3. My new purse has metal links on its straps. It's now completely impossible for me to sneak up on anyone. Or to leave a quiet room stealthily. I sound like The Ghost of Christmas Past coming for you every time I move.

4. I delete every text message I receive almost as soon as I've read it. This is my text message screen at the moment:

My sister just informed me that she doesn't know if she's EVER erased a text. I was like, "You mean they're all still ON YOUR PHONE?" And she said they are. In a million years, I never would have thought to just leave them there like that. What say you?

5. The four seconds it takes for the camera to activate on my iPhone is really too long for me to wait. Seriously. Those four seconds nearly kill me every time. Wait. I just timed it. It’s actually only two seconds. But it FEELS like four.

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