Jun 19, 2012

Taking a knee

Character witnesses are appearing this week for both the prosecution and the defense in the penalty phase of the case against my cousin Kyser's killer. I wanted to share with you a brief excerpt of my Uncle Ben's testimony from yesterday:

He said that he was glad during this phase of the trial, all of the legalese and media rigamarole can be peeled back so that people can "see underneath all that was a beautiful life -- a wonderful kid."

He said, "We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we loved each other. We had no unfinished business that needed to be discussed ... Kyser was a gift. I shouldn't be greedy and ask for anything more than the precious gift of 23 years."

Kathryn and Ben aren't vengeful people and have behaved above reproach during this entire process. They just miss their eldest son. They, and he, deserved more than only 23 years.

I'll probably go back to my regular, more irreverent posting tomorrow. But for today, I'm just taking another moment out of respect for my family.

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