May 18, 2012

The two greatest Tweets of the month

In the past two weeks, two giants in my life have responded to Tweets that I sent out, and both were total surprises to me.

The first one came from REESE'S (!!) when the Tweet about my recent post on Peanut Butter Cup Crescent Rolls went up. Do I need to tell you that that MADE MY LIFE?

And then last night, I Tweeted to Josh Malina (I've been a big fan since Sports Night and West Wing) that the instrumental music they lay under the scenes on his new show Scandal reminds me a lot of the ping-ping music that played while Doogie Howser was typing his journal entries back in the '80s. AND LO AND BEHOLD:

I love Twitter. I love it so much.

And by the by, if you haven't searched for "Doogie Howser" on youtube and watched a few old clips lately, you should. Treat yourself. It's Friday.


Brandi said...

You're awesome.

Carry on.

Rachel said...

I love Josh Malina! Big WW fan here!

ginmommy said...

Holy crap, Reese's reads your blog?

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