May 1, 2012

Things people say ... vol. 8

1. For some reason, people often replace "we're" with "were." It happens most frequently when people are speaking quickly, but I've noticed it about three times in the last month alone. "One thing were talking about is where to go to lunch." Buggin.

2. It has ALWAYS bothered me to no end when people say "arz" instead of "ours." And now Taylor Swift has gone and written a song titled "Ours," only she sings it like "Arz," and I fear I'll never get past this for the rest of my life.

3. One person in particular, with whom I work a lot, has a tendency to say, "I'm just talking out loud here" instead of "I'm just thinking out loud." He does not say it ironically.

4. And lastly, this is more applicable to people who live "in my neck of the woods," but I fall prey to its existence more often than I'd care to admit, so I'll share it with you. A phone conversation at work from last week:

Her: “Send it to Cal Smith.”

Me: “I don’t see him in Outlook.”

Her: “I send him emails all the time. Cal. Smith. S-M-I-T-H.”

Me: “I still don’t see him. Does he spell it with a C?”

Her:  [pause] “It’s Kay. Wah. Ell. Eee.”

Me: “Oh! KYLE!”

Her: “Yeah. CAL!”


Rachel said...

Oh my word. Heaven help us all on the last one.

Angie said...

I'm definitely guilty of arz and never even thought about it till I read this LOL!

ginmommy said...

If I do ever have the pleasure of meeting you in person, I will not speak. I will bring with me a mime and tell him to act out what I want to say. Simply, because you and your grammar/language things, freak me out.

Lisa L said...

I just love this one! We are so similar in so many ways!! I would like to add Brine for Brian. :)

Jami said...

Took me a minute on the last one, hilarious! I too am terrible at grammar, but I'll own it. Never been good, never will. However, I'll also own the fact I got an A+ in a college Calculus class.

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