May 16, 2012

Idiot savant, or just the idiot part?

Five simple things that are really, really hard for me to do:
  1. Open one of those thin plastic fruit/veggie bags at the grocery store in fewer than 10 attempts
  2. Pour punch into a cup using a ladle without making a monumental mess
  3. Drink out of a water fountain without water dripping down my chin onto my shirt
  4. Choose the right icon to check text messages on my iPhone on the first try (I always choose the Phone icon BECAUSE THEY'RE THE EXACT SAME COLOR AND THEY SHOULD REALLY DO SOME QA ON THEIR THOUGHT PROCESS IN THAT REGARD)
  5. Tear the foil seal off of a cup of yogurt without getting yogurt on my hand


Rachel said...

You're hilarious. In a 'kooky just like me and my friends' way. I just had to unlock my phone to check that the icons were the same color because I never noticed before. lo

Angie said...

I hate those fruit/veggie bags too!!!

magenta miles said...

If you stab the top of your yogurt with a fork when you open it, it won't throw up on you.

RLR said...

I'm totally with you on #4. I often mix up the Facebook and Safari icons, too.

Brandi said...

I open the Tweetdeck icon every time-- no matter what I'm doing.

Obviously, I have a problem.

I think switching to Tweetbot will solve everything though. ;)

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