May 7, 2012

I just wanted some Wheat Thins, is all

You guys probably remember that a few years ago, I was banned from grocery shopping because I spent too much money on junk. So now Grayson does the grocery shopping, which is great ... but occasionally it doesn't go exactly as I'd hoped.

Wheat Thins are a staple around here. Until last year, they were mine-all-mine, but then the boys ALL OF THEM decided that they love them. So now I have to share.


I put them on the list a couple of weeks ago because we were running perilously low. (We buy two family-size boxes at a time.) (We eat lots of them.) And when I went to open the newest box last week,  I found some kind of imposter waiting for me:

Now, to be fair, I haven't TRIED the sundried tomato & basil flavored Wheat Thins. But without a backup regular Wheat Thin to cleanse my palate afterward, I wasn't going to try them on THIS day.

So I put them on the list again. "Wheat Thins x 2," indicating that I needed two boxes. Regular Wheat Thins.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to open my new box, and this is what I found waiting for me:

Now, I'll eat the heck out of a Triscuit, so this wasn't so bad. But the boys won't. They say they taste like bird's nests. I get it. The texture is definitely different.

So I turn around to Grayson and ask, "Do you even LOOK at the groceries you're picking up when you shop?"

Because I'm a super-nice, supportive, polite wife.

And then I put them on the list AGAIN.

My helpful-wife note must have helped, because he came home with two boxes of the right thing. Win!


Jamie said...

I like my wheat thins with a little garden vegetable cream cheese on it!

Katie said...

I took wheat thins as part of Will's W day snack at school. 14 preschoolers can put down some wheat this. I just had to put down the box and back away before there was wheat thin mutiny!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I love your pre-printed shopping list!

stollison said...

Those sundried tomato ones are gross. So are every "flavor" Wheat Thins except regular. Trust me.

Rachel said...'re to organized. I do the shopping because I forget a million things when I make a list. Even when I sit down and plan a list. I used to have one on my computer that I would print out. Maybe after things calm down around here I can find some sort of schedule again.

Jami said...

Thanks, now I have to put Wheat Thins on my grocery list.

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