May 4, 2012

Amelia's eating solid food!

Um, this is yet another thing I should have posted about in March.

How do I get so far behind? I have no idea. Perhaps if pictures uploaded to Blogger at the rate of more than one per hour, I'd not be so loathe to do posts with a bunch of pictures.

Amelia started eating some veggies a little over a month ago. A couple of things are different since the last time we started solids, with Jake ... The pediatrician recommended that we:

  • wait until 6 months of age, when we'd always started at around 5 months with the boys.
  • skip rice cereal altogether and just jump right in with veggies.

She's going gangbusters now, but at the beginning she wasn't at all sure what to make of having to wait until the spoon made it to her mouth. She was used to having a bottle go in, and she could just drink until it was all gone.

Just like the boys did, she would suck the spoon dry and then cry until you could get another bite in her mouth.

(I've since clipped Scout's claws, so I no longer look like a cutter.)

The big boys both wanted to give it a try, so I let each of them feed her after the first few days ... when she understood the concept a little better.

One funny thing she does is close her eyes every time she works on a bite. That's probably what I look like while I'm chewing a Butterfinger.

Nathaniel and Nick both did great with feeding her and continue to enjoy it a month later.

Nathaniel likes to coach her.

The closed eyes. They slay me.

Ready for another bite!


Here, her lip started to quiver and she was about to cry because Nathaniel wasn't quick enough with the next bite.

As if she needed it, he was showing her how to "open up" to let the spoon in.

Next, it was Nick's turn. (They were both freshly showered, which is why they look drenched.)

Nick was thrilled to get to feed her ... fulfilling his destiny as big brother to a sister.

Closed eyes AND hand raised in food worship. THAT'S MY GIRL!

Some of her cutest moments in the last month have been while eating. She's growing up!

And I love it and hate it at the same time.


jennhenders said...

She's Nathaniel's mini-me! There's something fascinating to me about babies with really dark hair for some reason. I guess because none of mine were. Amelia's is really starting to show up on her cute little round head. So sweet :). And, btw, I like reading your comments to the comments right here on the ol' blog although I must admit, getting a personal reply email made me feel especially loved.

brightleigh said...

I am right there with you on being happy and sad at the same time! Hannah is on all table food at this point and she gets mad when we try to feed her something like apple sauce or mashed potatoes. Amelia is really precious, and those pictures of the boys feeding her are great! I think you do a great job blogging--I look forward to checking your entries every day. Commenting back or not, whichever is easiest and less time consuming for you!

Rachel said...

My sister made me download windows live writer. It's for blogger. You open it and write your post, stick your pictures in, size them the way you want, then just hit publish. It's so much faster and easier. And it was free. That's why I've had pictures on my blog recently. :) And goodness, she's getting big. Only three months left for us here.

tarheelmom said...

Adorable! Those closed eyes are precious.

paula said...

oh my word, she is so cute! What a milestone to remember.

trishandwade said...

Oh my...she is SO cute. I love the worship/eyes closed picture. We haven't started solids with Emery quite yet...I'm in denial that she's old enough to start eating food, so I figure the longer I wait to feed her real food, the longer she'll stay little. That IS how it works, isn't it? Right?

Angie said...

I swear she is so darn adorable. Her eyes are just amazing. Congrats on her eating solid foods, another milestone met. I love it that she closes her eyes while working on a bite. How precious!

stollison said...

Too cute.

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