Apr 2, 2012

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 26

1. The angriest I get all year is in October and March, when I have to change the time on all of my clocks. I'm not sure what this says about me, other than that I must have a pretty great life. 

2. I work with a number of people who still have mullets. Every time I see one of them, I think, “Do you know that it’s 2012? Or for that matter, any time after 1990?

3. One of the worst feelings in the world to me is picking up my cup and having cold droplets fall onto my arm or my lap.  {SHUDDER}  I drink out of insulated cups whenever possible, to avoid that distinct disgust.

4. This is what a new loofa looks like:
And this is what the loofa I finally retired this week looked like when I finally decided to part with it:

You would think they cost $50 apiece, what with my reluctance to buy a new one and all.

5. I dislike gravel driveways with an intensity that some might label "phobic." Is there a phobia for gravel driveways? Agravaphobia? I have that. Agravaphobes of the world, UNITE!


Angie said...

My daughter came home from school the other day laughing about a boy who had a mullett. She said "party in the back, business in the front" LOL!

Your poor loofa :(

Have a nice week friend!

Rachel said...

Poor loofa! It's sad. I get a thrill each month when I pick a new color for mine. I love changing bright colors.

Sewconsult said...

Say a nice prayer over the loofa (we call them scrubbies) and say good-bye!
Yes, I hate gravel driveways, but that's what we had when I was growing up. When we built our house, hubby didn't want to spend the extra, until I fussed at him EVERYDAY for tracking in dust on the floors. Only 2 months & we had a aggregate driveway.
Yes, I hate changing the clocks. I have one or two that I refuse to change! It give me mental stimulation to remember that they are not changed.
I HATE MULLETS or a blasted twizzly, nasty little braid back there. Why are they holding on to a nasty 20 hairs?
I don't want to be a grouchy old person, but I see now how that can happen!

paige said...

1. It's unnatural and pointless - of course you're angry.
2. Who are these people? I must make that three-flight journey far more often.
3. This is why I drink from polystyrene cups despite the fact that everyone makes fun of me. But they can laugh into their soggy hands and laps.
4. Note to self: Buy Katherine a loofah for every holiday from this point forward.
5. There are people in the UK who put down pebbles in their driveways even though the pebbles immediately vacate the driveway in favor of the street. Why, people, WHY? I'm talking to you #1 house on our street.

Rachel said...

You still use a Loofah? You know it's 2012, right? Or sometime after 1990?

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