Apr 15, 2012

My favorite week in social media, ever

** It has been brought to my attention twice within three minutes that I should have mentioned the creation of my hemorrhoids' Twitter account in this space. It happened that same week. So, if you'd like to follow my hemorrhoids on Twitter (and really, why wouldn't you?), follow @HemmiesFTW.) Thanks to Rachel and Chris for basically threatening me with bodily harm if I didn't officially give my hemmies a voice! **

I am one of those people who thinks the world is way better because of All Things Social Media. I know some people don't understand it or have little patience for it, but I just love blogs, Twitter, the world of the Internet, in general. (Facebook's okay, too, I just prefer the other stuff.)

So a couple of weeks ago, I had what I have to say was my favorite week in social media of all time.

First, Rachel nominated me for BlogHer Voices of the Year. (You can vote for me by clicking here if you'd like.)

Then I found out I had the opportunity to meet The Pioneer Woman, which I did, but I ALSO got to meet Kevin and Layla of The Lettered Cottage, Shaunna of Perfectly Imperfect, and three of my own blog readers, including fun Mary Kathryn. It was SUCH a fun night.

And THEN. To top it all off, I Retweeted a TVGuide Tweet about Matt Lauer signing on to stay with the Today show (and we know I'm like the world's biggest TV fan, and also the world's biggest Today fan), AND THEY RETWEETED ME TO ALMOST 750,000 PEOPLE.

Um, this would be like, how Jon Acuff would feel if Jesus were on Twitter and Jesus Retweeted him. It was BIG for me, Internet.

I just had to record it here for posterity.


Robin said...

I'm with Rachel....I can't believe you left out "HemmiesFTW"! It doesn't get much better or funnier than that!

(The things you mentioned, however, are really awesome!)

Rachel said...

lol. That's so funny! You are hoot and bring a smile to my face everyday!

Rachel said...

A good week indeed. I hope you're still floating on cloud nine!

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