Apr 25, 2012

Becoming famous for all the wrong things. Namely, poop.

We all know I'm not afraid to talk about poop. Or whatever.

So the other night, my friend Rachel was talking about statistics (totally normal for her; way out of left field for me) and replied to something I said (or maybe Tweeted from my HemmiesFTW Twitter account) about poop. The details escape me right now.

And here's how the resulting convo went (start near the bottom with the one that starts @robinandmarty and read your way up to the top):

My favorite Tweet: "Poop wasn't my thread. It was yours. IT'S ALWAYS YOURS. Own it."

So yes. I suppose I do talk about poop and hemmies a lot. I've been pregnant four times AND LIVE WITH FOUR MALES. Quite frankly, you people are lucky I ever talk about anything else at all.

Oh, and in the past week, two people have told me they easily get lost in my Twitter feed because they either A) read my Tweets in the sidebar of my blog and therefore miss a lot of them, especially if I Tweet a whole bunch of times in a short period, or B) don't follow all the same people I do, so sometimes conversations between a bunch of us get chopped up and they miss portions of them.

Here's how that happens (Scenario A): If you follow me and @JamiesRabbits, for example, and she and @ObjectivityRach are having a Twitter conversation, you won't see it because you don't follow either of them. But if I am watching their conversation and I loop myself in by joining it, all of a sudden those Tweets will show up in my sidebar and they will probably appear really out of context to you if that's all you're reading.

And as for Scenario B:  If you follow me and @JamiesRabbits, for example, and she and I are having a Twitter conversation, you will see it because you follow both of us. If you don't follow @ObjectivityRach and she responds to Jamie (but not me), and then I respond back to BOTH of them answering Rachel's Tweet, you won't have seen Rachel's, but you will see my response because it includes Jamie.

I know that's confusing (especially if you aren't on Twitter at all and don't understand how following works), and I'm sure someone else can explain it MUCH MORE CLEARLY than I just did. (Fellow Tweeters, feel free to fix what I just said in the Comments.)

But basically, there's a group of us that Tweets back and forth a lot, and mainly it's because we don't live close enough to see each other in person very often, in most cases don't have each other's phone numbers, and (in my case) are rarely on Facebook.

To fill in the blanks, I'd try following these people for a week on Twitter:

  • @JamiesRabbits
  • @ObjectivityRach
  • @RehpoChris
  • @robinandmarty
  • @kimt205

Of course, do so at your own risk, and only if you want to see even MORE of my inane chatter. As if that were possible.


Rachel said...

Oh. No.

You just identified us as a Twitter Clique.

I hate Twitter Cliques.

For that, I shan't tweet you for a week.

No jokes about shan't, Kat. That's your stream, not mine.

Rachel said...

And while I'm being offended at your Twitter Clique Naming, I'm also offended that you left @RehpoChris out. Although I have to say he's probably relieved.

Robin said...

I'm in a CLIQUE!! I'm in a CLIQUE!!
I'm in a CLIQUE!!

You see, that's the difference between me and Rachel. She's offended and I'm thrilled!

I'm totally still a 4th grader!

stollison said...

FIrst of all, I feel it's my job as your sister to tell you :
1) I love you completely and think you're one of the greatest people I've ever known;
2) You make the best kids ever. I can't stop looking at Amelia's giggling video.

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