Feb 15, 2012

Valentines for half the world, it seemed

Three classes' worth of Valentines, plus enough for teachers and staff at daycare, plus a few extras for co-workers is a LOT of Valentines.

Luckily I had Jamie on my side, and she made 72 cake pops for me. They were beyond adorable.

She even threw in an extra one to surprise me, because that's just the kind of awesome person she is.

I printed out some labels to wrap around the sticks, and they were ready to go.

I set aside one cake pop for each of the boys to enjoy at home, but I also did a couple of other little things for them. One of those things involved these:

Robin had Pinned these on Pinterest recently, and I printed out a couple of sets. They're iPhone look-alike wrappers for the conversation heart boxes. Each little icon is modified just a little bit for a twist on Valentine's Day. (They originally came from here.)

I cut them out quickly, and soon one box looked like this:

And in virtually no time at all, all three were complete!

Even the back was adorable.

Lastly, once again Jamie pointed me toward something great ... some free, printable Downton Abbey Valentine's cards. Of course I had to print them out and give them to Grayson, because we love that show. (And if you're not watching it, you're really missing out on something special!)

What I love about all of these Valentines is that I would never have come across any of them without my blog friends. I love the Internet!


Robin said...

Love all of your Valentines! Jamie is so talented! I'm glad your iPods ended up working out for you. I made about 60 of them and was D.O.N.E. with them by Monday night. HAHA!

Rachel said...

It felt like I had a million to make as well. I'm not looking forward to four classes and teachers next year. I love Downton Abbey too! Our PBS station is doing an all day marathon on Sunday for the finale. I can't wait.

Sewconsult said...

You are a great parent! I am sure the kids really enjoyed the cake pops and the candy. How did Jamie do the printing on the cake pops?

Jamie said...

I ADORE the iValentines so much!

I'm already missing Downton Abbey something fierce.

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