Feb 20, 2012

Another one of my bright ideas

Yesterday I decided that I was going to jog up to the boys' school and back, which is four miles round-trip. The boys have been asking to ride their bikes recently, so I told them I was going to go, and that they were going to ride their bikes up there with me.

I didn't give them the option of not going, nor did I check the weather in any way other than looking out the window to see if it was raining.

So here's how it went.

Nick: "How long is this going to take?"

Nick: "How many hills are there like this?"

Nick: "Can you help me push my bike up this hill?"


Nathaniel: "When we get to school, can we take a break and play on the playground for a while?"

Me: "Yes." [This was before I knew it was going to take us an hour just to get there.]

Nick: "I just rode through dog poop."


Me: "That's because you're using muscles you never use. Believe it or not, it's a GOOD thing."

Nick: "It doesn't FEEL good."

Nick: "My bike stinks."

Nick: "Can you help me push my bike up this hill?"

Me: [SIGH] "Yes."

Nick: "This is YOUR fault. You MADE us come."

Nick: "I'm freezing. I CAN'T FEEL MY HANDS."

Nathaniel: "How far have we gone?"

Me: "When we get to that corner, it will be a mile."


Robin said...

Bless your heart. This sounds exactly like a conversation I would have with Jameson, if I were ever to decide to leave the warmth of my recliner. HAHA!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- Your a brave soul. I would have never attempted such a thing :)

Rachel said...

This sounds just like something I would do. I never plan ahead quite enough...I guess that's what I have Chris for.

Jamie said...

I feel like with some minor tweaks that this could be a conversation between me and my trainer.

Anonymous said...

THIS is so great. I kind of love that Nick CAN'T FEEL HIS LEGS.

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