Jan 6, 2012

Still waiting

Well, here we are already at Friday, and I'm still waiting on my new USB cable to get here for my camera.

Still lots of pictures on my camera that I'll have to wait to share with you. But my sister took one over Christmas of Amelia that was so cute, I didn't want to wait to share it. Luckily, she posted it on Facebook, so I stole it.

In other news, the boys are still loving the iPod Touches that my parents gave them for Christmas. They love them so much that I've mostly only seen the tops of their heads for the last two weeks.

It's wrong that I love that, right?


Rachel said...

Cuteness! And no, it's not wrong. Is it? :)

ToddFortner said...

I often wonder whether my boys actually have eyes in the top of their heads. But then, as often as I have to check my email on my iPhone all day, I often wish that I had eyes in the top of mine.

I really love this picture. She looks so animated and happy.

Me, the boys and a Farm... said...

Love, Love the picture of Amelia!

Laura and family said...

all I have to say is damn you for baby fever. the end.

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