Jan 13, 2012

More gifts for Amelia

We've already established how much I love polka dots and stripes. I don't so much wear them myself, but if you look at my taste in Tervis cups

my choices in stationery, scrapbooking style, accent pillows in our house, and the way I dress Amelia,

it becomes pretty obvious where my pattern loyalties lie.

Recently I received a package in the mail from our dear friend Jenny. She used to work with Grayson and they became close friends, but since she started reading my blog and following me on Twitter, I think we've become just as close as they were once upon a time.

Inside Jenny's package was an adorable striped outfit for Amelia!

It was love at first sight for me.

Since we didn't choose her name until about the eighth month of my pregnancy, none of my shower attendees could really get me anything monogrammed for her. So this just tickled me to pieces!

Also, blog reader and loyal commenter Amanda sent a package. You see, she has an "in" at UPS (GO, BROWN!), and when she found out what a fan I am of Brown, she pulled together a few things for me and Amelia.

The package included a few adult-size T-shirts and two drink koozies, but what really rang my bell in a big way was THIS!

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Oh my word.

Thank you so much, Jenny and Amanda!

I also thought I'd give you a little peek at a portion of Amelia's closet. These are all things she can't wear yet, but you can definitely see my stripes-and-dots fetish coming out in there.

And when I went to a consignment shop recently to trade in some items, I came home with all of this:

The theme continues! I must say, I'm having a Little Bit of Fun with all these girl clothes.


Laura and family said...

Wow, your consignment store must be a lot nicer than ours. Cute clothes!

Jami said...

Love your style. Simple and adorable! Should be something Amelia can look at pictures 20 years from now and not wonder, "what in the world was my mom thinking".

Carry Grace said...

I have a thing for stripes and polka dots too. Seeing all of these cute little things makes me miss painting picture frames.

Angie said...

I'm currently pregnant and really hoping for a girl this time around. It's so fun to shop for little girls :) Little Miss Amelia has some adorable outfits. I really love that monogrammed set!

Rachel said...

Girl clothes are so much more fun than boy clothes! And her outfits are ADORABLE!

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