Jan 25, 2012

15 minutes to brighten up your cube

Since I came back to work at the beginning of the month, the grey walls surrounding me have been bothering me more than ever before. (I had an office with windows until about two years ago, and ever since it's been kind of gloomy.)

So here is the view I've been accustomed to for the last couple of years:

I decided that I wanted to brighten things up a little, do a little more than just have my little lamp to lighten up my space. So I went to Michael's and picked up two yards of fabric from Ty Pennington's line. I used a coupon, and the cost was under $15.

I "hemmed" it with my stapler to get even edges instead of raw ones, and I stuck it to the cube wall behind my computer monitor with some clips. The clips will allow me to hang things like my wall calendar, important reminders, etc., while serving the dual purpose of securing the fabric so it won't slip.

I didn't iron the fabric, nor did I really make much of an effort to flatten it out before I took these pictures quickly with my phone, but you get the idea.

It's not much, but it really makes me feel good about my space! You could easily achieve the same thing with some fabric from the clearance bin or even wallpaper remnants. A 15-minute project!

1 comment:

Angie said...

Such a cute idea. It definitely makes it a happier place to work! I love the print of the fabric you chose :)

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