Dec 16, 2011

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 20

1. My phone needs a flashing beacon. Since we gave up our home phone, half the time when my cell phone rings, I can hear it but I can't see it. IT NEEDS A BEACON.

2. I always try to park near a cart return when I go grocery shopping. When I see people leaving their carts nilly-willy in the parking lot, it makes me so angry I'm tempted to go up and give them the what-for.

3. Related: When I was expecting Nicholas (about 8 months along), I was sitting in my car with my left turn signal on to turn into a parking space on a packed street. All of a sudden, using no turn signal a young woman coming from the opposite direction zipped into the space right in front of me. Y'all. I actually found another space, got out of my car and quickly caught up to her on the sidewalk. I told her what she had just done, she said she hadn't (and didn't apologize), and I told her, "I think you know EXACTLY what you did." And I stormed off to meet my friend for lunch. I STILL cannot believe I did that. The power of hormones, Internet.

4. The squirrels that live in the attic were so loud the other day that I thought I'd somehow dozed off and the cleaning ladies had let themselves in. I thought they were cleaning in Amelia's room, because I heard all sorts of clatter coming over the baby monitor. I hopped up to check, but no. It was just the squirrels. Unbelievable. Just a small sample ... Turn this up and listen.

5. I'm with Alec Baldwin. If my piddly little Words with Friends game could possibly take this plane down, I don't wanna fly your airline.


Sewconsult said...

2. I don't mind the scatter carts as much as I use to. In fact, since I use the handicap places, I am hoping that someone has left a cart near by. One day, a couple drove in to a handicap spot across from me. They just sat in the car for a few minutes as I finished putting my things in the van. I asked if they would like the cart. They both said, "Yes!" with great enthusiasm.
3. I hate parking spot grabbers!
4. We had squirrels in our attic (over our bedroom) for a few years. Drove me crazy. We had to have a new roof, so the place where they were getting in was fixed and it has been heavenly ever since.
5. But think if everyone wanted to leave on their gadgets! That would probably be a real problem. The rules are for everyone... you & Alex, too! (LOL)

Chris D. Hilton said...


An adventure for the boys. Suggest that Grayson go to the hardware store and purchase a trap large enough for the squirrels and some screen wire. I know ACE hardware has them and possibly Lowe's or Home Depot. Bait (I think bread with peanut butter works for bait) and set the trap in the attic. Cover the openings the squirrels are coming in with the wire and wait. Check the trap daily. When you catch a squirrel take it outside and let it go then repeat until you have them all outside. They will build a proper nest in a tree and you will no longer hear them again. That is what the professionals do and charge you a mint. He could make this a cub scout workshop and involve all of the boys in the troop!!!! Is there a badge for trapping?

Laura a.k.a. Lolly said...

I'm right with you on one and two! I can't ever find my phone! And the cart thing drives me crazy! I choose my parking space based on the proximity to the cart corral thingies...mainly bc if I have my kids with me it's easier for me to return it as quickly as possible plus I can get one as I go in to store. What I can't understand is why some people feel it is unnecessary to return the carts. If I can return the cart with four kids in tow, why can't they? Granted I try to never take all four with me (bc I may be crazy but I'm not stupid!) I usually have at least two with me!

I have never thought about how ridiculous it is that there are no cart returns near the handicapped spaces. Wouldn't that seem to be a much needed place to put them?

Ok enough of my rambling on grocery carts. I spend way too much time using them and pondering on this subject! Huge pet peeve of mine!

Rachel said...

I. Hate. Squirrels.

...and I accidentally killed one last week.

These two events are not in any way related.

Chris D. Hilton said...

My memory has improved! Had the squirrel problem in my last house and they kept coming back. I used a slice of apple with peanut butter for the bait. As I caught each one in the trap relocated them to a wooded area in the adjacent county. I think I found that on the internet. The problem is that your attic is a maternity ward and the future generation are returning home. You must move them to a distance they will not travel to return. could do what Grayson's Papa taught me. Kill, skin and clean them. Cover them with corn mill and fry them up like chicken. Delicious but rabbit is better.

When I renovated my house before selling it they found numerous dried out little squirrel mummies in the eves. Appears it was their grave yard as well. Several babies had also fallen down inside of the wall and expired. Isn't life grand!

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