Dec 28, 2011

Right now

Idea from Tara at between you and me ... Right now (9:35 p.m.), I am:

The first episode of The Middle I've ever seen. It's the Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) vehicle, and I'd heard good things about it but never seen it. This ep was okay. Not enough to convince me to Season Pass it, but better than a lot of other stuff out there.
I've been on a movie-watching binge lately, downloading things from Amazon to TiVo. In the last week I've watched Friends with Benefits, The Change-Up and The Notebook, and I just downloaded Under the Tuscan Sun. (Normally I don't take that much time to watch movies, but since most TV shows have been on Christmas hiatus, I didn't have anything recorded to watch.)

Nothing, but it's taking everything I've got not to go in there and eat a bunch of mini Reese's Cups. I had a big dinner of Christmas leftovers, so I'm trying to avoid dessert.

Caffeine Free Diet Coke out of my Tervis cup.

My black v-neck PJ shirt and navy PJ pants. I know. Black and navy don't match. But my couch doesn't know the difference.

Those mini Reese's Cups and charging my laptop, which I'm going to regret in about 20 minutes. (The lack of charging, not the Reese's Cups.)

Full from my supper and happy that my kids are being quiet upstairs and not trying to kill each other.

My sister. She just flew out today, although she didn't get far. Her flight was delayed for about six hours leaving Birmingham, so she only got as far as Atlanta before getting a hotel voucher for the night. That means tomorrow she still has two legs of the trip to go to get home to Jackson, Wyo.

For our home, our health and those precious four kids.

45 degrees and WET. It's been raining most of the last seven days, so the ground is completely saturated and squishy. Related: at some point recently I turned 92 and decided to start sharing our local weather with you.

For my health and that of all of our family and friends. It seems like illness is all around us, everything from stomach bugs to cancer. I hope 2012 brings nothing but good health news for all.  

To get a whole bunch of things marked off my To Do List before I go back to work on Jan. 3. I'd better put the pedal to the metal.

About how much more fun it was to put out the Christmas decorations than it is to take them down. I loathe this week because of that.

My new 50mm lens that I started playing around with today, and Amelia's smiles, which are almost impossible to catch on camera. That little stinker.


Carrie said...

How are you doing with the thought of going back to work? I went back a little more then a month ago and I regret it. The baby ( not so baby at 13 months) starts daycare on Monday. She has been with my Mom. I am having such a hard time thinking of her in daycare even though we love it there and her sister loves it there! I am done in June. I am a special Ed teacher and I have decided that it is not worth the stress! I encourage no one to go into this profession!
In any case I will have to say that I do have more patience with my oldest after being away from her all day. I guess that is a perk.

Rachel said...

You're so funny. I love the movie Under the Tuscan Sun...she makes me feel like I do anything. Also...2012 news......well I'll just let you guess.

Nathan Lyman said...

Which 50 mm lens did you get? the 1.8, 1.4 or 1.2. ? I just got the Canon 1.4 for Christmas and I am loving it!!

Natalie said...

sorry..the ablve NAte the Great comment is mine..just logged in as my son I guess.. ha ha

stollison said...

Missing you, too. Home and already in bed at 6:44 pm. They found my bag and should deliver it sometime tonight. Probably the worst traveling experience of my life, but it was more than worth it to see you, the boys, and Amelia! Love you.

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