Dec 26, 2011

Best 'find' of 2011

Okay, I couldn't write about this before Christmas, because I was giving so many of these as gifts. But I have to share with you my Best Find of 2011: The Tervis Cup.

They have a lifetime guarantee that includes discoloration, breakage, fogginess and myriad other things. Anything happens, they'll send you a replacement for free.

They have pretty much every major (and many minor) college in the country:

The boys got Alabama ones like the one pictured above, but if I were getting one, it would be the polka dot design, which they also have for Auburn fans:

I got a hummingbird one for my mom:

I got a U.S. Navy one for my dad:

I got a Toy Story one for Jakey:

I got a Fiesta Dots one for my sister:

And I got a Fiesta Stripes one for myself:

I bought them all at the Tervis store in Gatlinburg when I went up with Lisa and Honor last month, but Bed, Bath & Beyond has a pretty wide selection, as well.

Next on my list is to save up for a set of Fiesta Cool Blue ones for my kitchen. LOVE.

Tervis doesn't know who I am, and this isn't a sponsored post. Just something I love that I wanted to share with you!


Laura and family said...

We replaced almost all of our glass cups with Tervis tumblers last year. Kid proof, keeps your drink cold, lifetime guarantee, etc. Perfect. You can also order them online directly from their factory I believe. (

Unknown said...

I love these too!!!

Sewconsult said...

Are they dishwasher safe? I have seen them, but haven't bought any yet. I had one of the cups for coffee, but didn't like the unglazed texture of the cup, even with the rubberized sleeve. I pitched it!

Jami said...

I must look into these. We just got some Fiesta ware place settings so we could replace all our dishes. We got chocolate brown, that last picture looks like it would match.

Jaime Mac said...

My hubby's grandmother lives in Florida & she got me 4 of them when we got married. Tervis is based in Florida & that's the ONLY place you could get them a few years ago.
I have SEVERAL more Tervis Tumblers now & they.are.awesome. If you have ANY problem, just mail them back & they ship you new ones...for free! Holla!
Beckie-YES they are dishwasher safe!

Grape News said...

They are dishwasher and microwave safe. We have 9 I think???
Did you also know you can personalize them? As in-send in what you want in them. I sent in a patch that was made in memory of my Kalei girl ( One of these days I'm gonna blog about my story of getting those cups for family for this Christmas. But I need to figure out what we are eating for dinner tomorrow first :)

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