Dec 24, 2011

An athlete with a winning spirit

I was telling my friends Melanie and Shelly and my sister Sarah Ellen about this video I saw on Kelly's blog the other day.

I don't know anything about sports and am not a fan of anyone in particular, but I love the humility and good sportsmanship that Tim Tebow shows on the field.

Apparently he's a little controversial for whatever reason, and I mention his good sportsmanship because -- although I admire people of faith who are willing to profess it in public -- I'm pretty accustomed to that since I live in the Bible belt.

What I'm NOT used to is seeing men who are really gifted athletically who are also excellent sportsmen ... who admire other athletes and aren't afraid to tell them so, who will turn around and shake the hand of the man who just yanked their feet out from under them.

At any rate, I thought this video was interesting enough to share with you today.


Jami said...

I am becoming a huge Tim Tebow fan! I watched this too off of Kelly's blog. What a great inspiration.

tarheelmom said...

LOVE Tim Tebow...and I love that he is getting lots of press. I point him out to my boys any time he's on tv.

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