Nov 29, 2011

Somebody got spoiled

We spent Thanksgiving week around both sets of Amelia's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Aunt Debbie

There were about 25 people around at any given time.

Cousin Heather

That's roughly 50 arms that were available to snuggle the only small baby in attendance.

Aunt Pam

Nary a moment passed that Amelia wasn't being cuddled.

Cousin Tiffany

If it wasn't someone who just wanted to hold her, it was someone who wanted to feed her.

Cousin Jack

If it wasn't an adult asking, it was a child.

 Cousin Mikey

And if ONE child got to hold her, they ALL wanted to hold her.

Cousin Charlie

Amelia would have you believe that she didn't care too much for Patrice ...

She looked like she'd burst into tears at any second.

But I assure you that she LOVED her ... despite much evidence to the contrary.

Now that we're home again, I'm struggling to remind her that I only have two arms. I can't hold her every second of the day.

Cousin Todd and his wife, Keila

She's not too fond of that reality. She just got REALLY comfortable with having willing arms to hold her 24/7 last week.

Cousin Kim

So if anyone's available to hold a baby full-time, I'm accepting applications. That Christmas tree isn't going to decorate itself.


ginmommy said...

I would like to apply. You'll just have to ship her to KY is all. ;)

Amanda said...

I was going to make a comment about how funny it was that in the picture before the ones with Patrice you put a baby doll in the kid's arms. Then I realized it was NOT a doll! Oooohhhh my gosh! Tell me she doesn't look absolutely perfectly like a baby doll there!

Sewconsult said...

I imagine my nephew's baby girl is fussing this week, too. I didn't take a turn holding her, only because I was playing with the 2 yr old with my iPad!

Rachel said...

Oooo! I'll come hold her and then you can do my tree when you finish yours. :)

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