Nov 9, 2011

Slices of Life, Vol. 38

Whenever we ask the boys' opinions about anything, Nathaniel and Nicholas are usually the first to answer, "I do!" or "Yes!"

When we asked the boys on the way to the pool last Summer if they'd like to go see The Smurf Movie afterward:

Nathaniel: "YES!"

Nicholas: "YES!"

Jake: "ME TOO!"

Grayson (to me): "Sometimes I think we just ought to call Jake 'Me Too' or 'I Do'."

Jake: "Or 'I WANT TO!' "

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Recently Nicholas asked me to buy the foosball table that was on his Amazon wishlist, and he would give me the cash to cover it.

Me: “Well, how much is it? I doubt you have enough money to buy a foosball table.”

Nicholas: “It’s only $19.99.”

Me: “Let me come look at it. I seriously doubt that a full-size foosball table is only $20.”

Nicholas: “Uh-HUH, YES IT IS.”

[I walk over to the computer desk and take a closer look.]

Me: “Nick, this is a foosball table COVER. The table itself is $200.”

Nicholas: [pause]  “Well, then can I afford the air hockey table that’s on there?”

Me: “Where is it? I don’t see that on your list.”

Nicholas: “Scroll down. It’s under the 42-inch flat-screen TV.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Recently while I was putting Jake’s PJs on before bed, I noticed that he seemed to be chewing something.

Me: “What’s in your mouth, Jake? Are you chewing something?”

Jake: “Nooo … or it MIGHT be one of my toenails.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Overheard while we were at the lake in August:

Nathaniel: “Whose decision was it to bring just water and no Coke Zero?”

Nicholas: “Probably God’s. That dude is in charge of EVERYTHING.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

The other night after I'd showered Jake, we were standing outside the shower wrapping up in towels. I flipped the light off before we walked out to the sink area:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    

Jake was trying to get Grayson's attention at the pool near the end of the season.

Jake: "Daddy."


Jake: "DADDY."

Jake: "DADDY!"

Jake: "GRAYSON!!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The other day while riding in the van, Nathaniel had "called" playing on my iPhone, so he was happily slinging Angry Birds while the other two boys waited impatiently for their turns.

Nicholas: "I want my turn now, Nathaniel. I want to play. I want my turn. It should be my turn by now. You've had it FOREVER. Mommy, isn't it my turn yet? NATHANIEL. I wanna play. I want my turn."

Nathaniel: "It's good to want things, Nick."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Recently while driving home, Jake was curious about several things and was asking lots of questions.

Here’s a transcript about one of them:

Jake: “Mommy. What culluh is your van?”

Me: “It’s a shade of green.”

Jake: “It looks sil-vuh.”

Me: “I think so, too, but Honda calls it green.”

Jake: “But it isn’t green. It’s sil-vuh.”

Me: “If I were naming it, I would have named it something like ‘silvery green.’ But Honda calls it some shade of green, so I’ll just have to agree with them, I guess.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One morning last week, I came down to the kitchen and began gathering all the miscellaneous dishes that were scattered about. I picked up a sippy cup that Jake had been using and noticed that the two inches of liquid in it seemed ... THICKER than usual. It was also really red.

I held it up to Grayson, swirled it around and asked, "What did you put in his cup?" When he answered, "Jake fixed it himself when he got up," I immediately became suspicious.

Grayson opened it up and smelled it. He said, "It smells like cherry." All of a sudden, I got worried that Jake had somehow gotten into some cough syrup and been drinking it out of his cup. But then I REALIZED, and I called him into the kitchen:

Me: "JAKE! Come in here."

Jake: "What."

Me: "What kind of drink did you make today?"

Jake: "Stwawbewwy milk."

Me: "What did you put in it?"

Jake: [blink] [blink]

Me: [holding up the Quik strawberry syrup]  "Did you put THIS in it?"

Jake: "Yes."

Me: "What else did you put in it?"

Jake: [pause]  "OH. I fuh-got da milk."

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The other night Nick was looking over the list of TV shows we'd recorded on TiVo.

Nicholas: "What's 'House Hunters'?"

Me: "It's a show about people who are looking for a new house."

Nicholas: "Do they KILL the people who are in it?"

Me: "Um, NO."

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Jami said...

These are awesome! You totally lost me at the house hunters comment. Classic!

ginmommy said...

Sounds to me, that your boys inherited your sense of humor!! They are a hoot!


Hee DO say the funniest things :)

Unknown said...

The house hunter comment was hilarious! Such cuties!

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