Nov 5, 2011

A regular Saturday

After all the chaos surrounding Amelia's birth,

it's refreshing to have a mundane, "regular" Saturday at home.

While there are the expected arguments over whose turn it is

and an excessive amount of whining over wanting sugary snacks from their Halloween baskets,

it's still just really NICE to have a typical, relaxed, unhospitalized day with the ones I love the most.


Anonymous said...


Carry Grace said...

Yes, regular Saturdays are the best. I am SO VERY GLAD that you got to enjoy one.

stollison said...

I'm still not used to seeing an extra kid. I'm like, "who's that baby?" But I LOVE it!

Sewconsult said...

Wonder how long it will be before Amelia will be trying to grab at one of the Wii controls, or see her own pictures on the laptop!

HandyFamily said...

Regular Saturdays ROCK! I love it when we get to just stay home!

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