Nov 12, 2011

R2's my favorite

People often let me know when they see Star Wars merchandise, since they know that the boys are such big fans.

I happened to run across the very cutest Star Wars things I've ever seen on 22 Words this week. Couldn't let the weekend go by without sharing the picture with you:

Cutest Star Wars ever, right?


Sewconsult said...

My nephew would love this set. His groom cake was topped with his Star Wars figures as a surprise to his parents. Just a little reminder that he was old enough to be married, but never too old for Star Wars.

Amanda said...

OMG WHERE! Can I buy these?! My friend is the BIGGEST Star Wars fan! So cute!!! Have you ever used the cookie cutters from Pottery Barn? I was considering buying them for her

tarheelmom said...

I kind of like the Ewok! Sooo cute

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